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A Closer Look At The Prototypes That Became Your Favourite Games!

About The Video Game Project

The Video Game Project LogoThe Video Game Project is aimed at anyone with an interest in the history of video games and has ever wondered what could have been? A digital museum (with aspirations of having a physical location in the future) that was created with the sole purpose of promoting and celebrating video game preservation, the site covers everything from retro greats like Atari, Nintendo, Sega and more, right up to more modern and current times. Several decades of collecting and years working in research and development have resulted in becoming ingrained in the industry and sometimes being privy to information about games and consoles that wouldn't always be expressly known by the general public. It is The Video Game Project's mission to relay this knowledge to the video game community!

Prototypes, debugs and all the changes games and consoles go through while being developed need to be championed as much as the final products we all grew up with and loved. This website was setup as a way of ensuring all these revisions, no matter how minute, would not be forgotten! In depth information about game and console development, interviews with those involved, a closer look at photos, videos, press kits, review samples and all the latest episodes of The Video Game Project web series.... they are all available right here and due to the sheer enorimity of the content available, this site will constantly evolve!

For all the latest news and updates on what's coming up, don't forget to follow The Video Game Project on social media. Atlernatively if you'd like to get in touch about your favourite episode, have a prototype, debug or sample that isn't featured here and you'd like to learn more about it, or maybe you just want to say hi, contribute your knowledge, expertise, time or even items from your collection to The Video Game Project.... it would be great to hear from you!