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A Closer Look At The Prototypes That Became Your Favourite Games!


Baseball - Magnavox Odyssey 2

For 1978, the accomplishments of Baseball for the Odyssey 2 were pretty amazing! The game displays all nine players in the field and they even included the home run fence! Animation is smooth and the controls are responsive, with the pitcher able to curve the ball. When at bat you can even direct your hits by swinging early or late. When on defense you can shift your outfielders, which adds a strategic element.

It's when we get to the fielding where rules begin to bend a little. Whenever you catch a moving ball, it's considered a fly out, but baserunners can take off at any time without penalty. This obviously violates the tag-up rule but also encourages aggressive baserunning while playing. Throwing the ball around the bases is fairly easy but the throws can seem far too soft. The general pace of the game is fairly swift which allows you to play nine innings in about 20 minutes. Baseball has no single-player mode, but the games relaxed style makes it fun to play against a friend. Although limited, this translation of America's pastime was the best available in 1978!

Baseball - Magnavox Odyssey 2 - Eprom

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