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Blobbers - Magnavox Odyssey 2

Blobbers was written for the Videopac by GST video and released in europe only in 1983.

The Blobbers are coming! fearsome, giant amoeba-like creatures that will devour anything they encounter, including your mobile laser unit, your only means of defence !

Blobbers was advanced for the time with all unique graphics. The aim of the game is to shoot at the growing Blobbers on the opposite side of the arena, with your laser gun that can only fire in direct lines. The Blobbers however, move all around the arena, so you have to scale the walls and even the ceiling to position yourself correctly. The Blobbers are fortunate enough to have shields in the form of big green squares that get in your lasers way and if you are unfortunate/fortunate enough to be caught in one, it can transport you or the Blobber to the other side of the screen

The Blobbers grow in three stages. At their smallest they are yellow, next stage purple, and when adult, red! One shot reverses their growth by one stage, and if you don't manage to reduce its size down to its smallest form (yellow) and hit it again, it will start to re-grow. In fact, if you leave them long enough an adult has baby Blobbers of it's own. An adult Blobber can kill you instantly! If a younger Blobber attaches itself to your ship and you don't shake it off, it can become an adult, which also kills you.

Blobbers - Magnavox Odyssey 2 - Eprom

Proto - Eprom