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Chakan: The Forever Man was developed by Extended Play for the Mega Drive / Genesis and Game Gear. It was published by Sega of America and released in December of 1992. Chakan's producer Ed Annunziata met Robert A. Kraus at a convention and was immediately impressed by the plot of the comic he'd created.

In both the game and the comic it's based upon, Chakan is so convinced in his own swordsmanship that he believes even Death himself would not be able to best him in battle. Death materializes and challenges Chakan: if Chakan can indeed defeat him, he will be granted eternal life! On the other hand, if Death wins, Chakan will become Death's eternal servant. The brawl continues for several days until Chakan eventually wins and is granted his reward. This success in battle turns out to be a curse however as his appearance is also transformed to reflect that of Death's and because of this Chakan is in constant torment by the visions of evil. Death does make a further pact however: If Chakan can destroy all the evil in the physical and elemental planes, he would then and only then be granted eternal rest.

Chakan Prototype - Front

Proto - Front

Chakan Prototype - Back

Proto - Back