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Choplifter III

Choplifter III - Super NintendoChoplifter III was developed by Teeny Weeny Games / Beam Software / Brøderbund, published by Ocean / Extreme Entertainment Group / Victor Interactive Software and released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1994.

The game features entirely different levels from the Game Gear and GameBoy versions, and plays slightly different than all other Choplifter games. While the controls and basic gameplay haven't changed significantly, and the main goal of each level is still rescuing a certain number of hostages, meaning Choplifter III is faster and more action-oriented than the earlier Choplifter games that came before it.

Enemies appear in larger variety and numbers. They reappear more often and some levels feature fights against large bosses. To compensate for this, there are more power-ups (such as missiles, bombs, invisibility, etc.) available, and it is possible to have the helicopter repaired at certain points in a level.

Choplifter III Prototype - PCB Front

Proto - Front

Choplifter III Prototype - PCB Back

Proto - Back