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Exhaust Heat Super Nintendo Prototype

Exhaust HeatExhaust Heat (in Japan and Europe), (released as F1 ROC: Race of Champions in Northern America) is a 1992 racing video game developed by Seta Corporation for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

There are sixteen open wheel racing tracks in the game; all of them corresponding to the 1992 Formula One season, with races all over the Earth. Realistic looking advertisements are present where the audience sits complete with near-perfect spelling of sponsors; this mild level of censorship applies because some of the sponsors are tobacco or alcohol-related. The game uses the Super Famicom's Mode 7 to give the track and background perspective.

Players have a limited amount of money to modify their race car before having to qualify and eventually try to win the race. Modifications must be purchased out of the player's pocket like if he were a driver/owner. As with F1 rules at the time, no refueling was possible; pit stops are only used to fix damage on the automobile. Post-race damage penalties will occur if the player finished the race with a damaged vehicle. Even a minor dent can be expensive to a rookie because of the high level of marksmanship by the mechanics. Total damage can and will force the player to retire from the race.

Exhaust Heat Prototype - PCB Front

Proto - Front

Exhaust Heat Prototype - PCB Back

Proto - Back