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The Firemen

The FiremenThe Firemen is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System game released by Human Entertainment in 1994. It was the second disaster game released by Human Entertainment, the first being SOS. The Firemen was only ever released in Europe, Australia and Japan.

In the game characters put out fires using hoses with the ability to shoot a direct stream or have a more proximate spray and fire-extinguishing bombs. Throughout the game you have unlimited use of the fire extinguisher. Pete takes damage from fire and extreme heat, and when the life gauge reaches zero, and there arent anymore continues (you are afforded three), the game is over. Each level has a "boss fire" that has a specific way of being extinguished. There are also civilians who were not able to escape throughout the levels, and saving them partially restores the player's life gauge. The player controls Pete Grey, who is joined by his partner, Daniel McClean. Daniel is invincible and provides backup to Pete. Other characters include fellow firefighters Max and Walter, who are fighting fires in another part of the building, Winona, who communicates advice and missions to the firefighters, and Frank Weller, architect of the Metrotech building.

The Firemen Prototype - Front

Proto - Front

The Firemen Prototype - PCB

Proto - PCB

The Firemen Prototype - Back

Proto - Back