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Image Fight NES Prototype

Image Fight - Nintendo Entertainment SystemA vertically scrolling shoot 'em up, that was both developed and published by Irem, Image Fight was released in arcades in 1988. Its popularity meant the game was also ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System, PC Engine, Sharp X68000 and FM Towns in 1990. Although not a direct sequel, Image Fight was released a year after Irem's successful horizontal scroller R-Type and does borrow heavily from it.

The game intially begins with five stages taking place inside a combat simulation. If the player achieves an average kill rate of 90% or better in these simulation stages they may then immediately proceed to real combat. If they don't succeed however, an additional stage must be completed. Real combat consists of three more stages and plays exactly like a traditional shump.

Image Fight Prototype - Front

Proto - Front

Image Fight Prototype - PCB

Proto - PCB

Image Fight Prototype - Back

Proto - Back