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Indiana Jones NES Prototype

Indiana Jones Last Crusade - Nintendo Entertainment SystemIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade is a platforming action/adventure game based on the popular movie of the same name. The story within the game loosely follows the plot from the film. There were actually two completely different versions of this game released on the NES, one developed by Software Creations and published by Taito and another, developed by NMS Software and published by UBI Soft. This version was released after the Taito version.

The player takes the role of Indiana Jones who must collect ancient artifacts and save his father's diary. The animation in game was quite good for the time, as Indiana's movement looks realistic(ish) but there was barely any color, the hit detection was just horrible and the bosses battles take an absolute eternity! To add insult to injury, Indy's whip and pistol are the only weapons available in the game.

Your main aim is to traverse each level and collect specific items before you can leave that stage. In level 1, Indy must find the holy cross, level 2 sees you searching for his whip, level 3 has you seeking out 5 pieces of his father's diary, level 4 has Indy looking for 3 pieces of the tablet, level 5, has our hero escaping an airplane, and in the final level he must choose the right holy grail or be taken back all the way to the beginning of the game. Thankfully, the game does offer a reprieve in it's password system, which allows the player to continue on the level where they left off!

Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade Prototype - Front

Proto - Front

Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade Prototype - Back

Proto - Back