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A Labyrinth Game / Supermind

A Labyrinth Game / Supermind - Magnavox Odyssey 2

A Labyrinth Game is exactly what the title defines. The player has to move a pawn from the left side of a labyrinth to the exit on the right side. Each match consists in a series of 10 and the labyrinth always changes when starting a new game. The pawn is controlled with the joystick and the "action" makes it move faster. There are 16 possible variations, including stationary and moving patterns and exits, for one player, two players or one player against the computer (a "Cat and Mouse" game where the computer plays a pawn which tries to catch the player's pawn).

Supermind is a code breaking game. Four question marks will be displayed, along with the number of symbols left to be entered (4 at the start). The player enters four symbols of choice and if they're correct but misplaced, a red number will appear in the right of the screen (with the number of correct symbols guessed). If the symbol is correct and placed in the right order, it will be displayed in white. The computer keeps track of the number of tries taken and the game ends when all symbols were discovered and placed in the right order.

A Labyrinth Game / Supermind - Magnavox Odyssey 2 - Eprom

Proto - Eprom