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Lethal Enforcers

Lethal Enforcers - Sega Mega DriveLethal Enforcers is an arcade light-gun game released by Konami in 1992 and ported to the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis and Mega-CD in 1993. It was also released on the Super Nintendo, albeit with censorship, around the same time. The arcade version of Lethal Enforcers was built specifically to use Konami's Justifier light gun.

In what was probably a ploy to sell more justifiers, the Mega Drive port will not function with the majority of other light guns including Sega's own Menacer. This caused quite a bit of confusion over the years. Technically Lethal Enforcers was never officially sold without a (blue) Justifier, although for a second player to join in, a second, (pink) justifier had to be purchased separately.

Lethal Enforces Prototype - Front

Proto - Front

Lethal Enforces Prototype - PCB

Proto - PCB

Lethal Enforces Prototype - Back

Proto - Back