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Metal Combat - Falcon's Revenge

Metal Combat - Falcon's Revenge - Super NintendoMetal Combat: Falcon's Revenge is a mecha-themed light gun shooting game released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1994 produced by Nintendo and Intelligent Systems.

Like the previous game, Battle Clash, Metal Combat is a Super Scope-based light gun game with a one-on-one, all boss battle format. The player has an ordinary blaster which can be charged as well as access to an array of limited-use special items. In addition the player can choose between two STs, the Falcon and the Tornado. The Falcon is piloted by Mike and the Tornado is piloted by a female character named Carol Eugene. The game play changes slightly based on the pilot chosen. Metal Combat also features a tutorial mode, in which a female character named Rola assists in the player character's training.

Metal Combat - Falcon's Revenge Prototype - Front

Proto - Front

Metal Combat - Falcon's Revenge Prototype - PCB

Proto - PCB

Metal Combat - Falcon's Revenge Prototype - Back

Proto - Back