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Micro Machines Game Gear Prototype

Micro Machines - Game GearMicro Machines is a series of video games featuring toy cars, developed by Codemasters and published on several platforms. Themed around Galoob's Micro Machines toys, players race in miniaturised toy vehicles around various environments.

Originally published by Camerica for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1991, Micro Machines was developed because Galoob wanted Codemasters to develop a game based on their toy brand, although Galoob and Codemasters encountered legal issues with Nintendo over the game being unlicensed.

A top-down racing game, players race in environments such as breakfast and pool tables, work desks, and treehouses, driving toy vehicles such as powerboats, helicopters, formula one cars, and tanks that can shoot other racers. Courses have a predefined path that racers must follow. If a player leaves the defined route for too long they are sent back to the track. Many have obstacles such as cereal boxes on breakfast tables, and pencil sharpeners on desks.

Micro Machines - Front

Proto - Front

Micro Machines - Back

Proto - Back