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Micro Machines Military

Micro Machines Military - Sega Mega DriveMicro Machines Military is the last to see a release on a Sega platform. It was released exclusively on the Sega Mega Drive in Europe andis just like the previous games, only fitted with weaponry and painted with camouflage. The characters from the Micro Machines 2 return in various types of military uniforms and fatigues, the vehicles are now all military themed and the music is more reminiscent of that heard on a parade ground. The races or battles do still take place in areas themed around a domestic environment such as breakfast tables, backyards and bathtubs. The gameplay remains as smooth as ever and practicing and memorising the tracks is still the best way to win.

The game now allows players to attack each other. This works by shooting projectiles like bullets or tank shells and by dropping mines on certain stages, depending on the vehicle. Getting hit usually results in a temporary spin out or being knocked back. In the challenge modes this means that being in front now requires watching your back and being ready to dodge projectiles and those at the back now have an easier way of getting back in front.

The new battle arena mode is much more suited to the combat theme. In single-player the task is simply to survive for a certain amount of time and then clear the vehicles from the arena. Multi-player is where the concept is used most effectively, with up to four players battling simultaneously in a number of different vehicles on multiple arenas.

Micro Machines Military Prototype - Front

Proto - Front

Micro Machines Military Prototype - Back

Proto - Back