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Star Wars

Star Wars - Game BoyStar Wars is an action game based on the 1977 film of the same name. It was released by Victor Interactive Software for the Family Computer in Japan in November of 1991 and by JVC for the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America in November of the same year, with a European release in March of 1992. The Game Boy port was developed by NMS Software and published by Capcom. It was also released in 1992.

The object of the game is close to the storyline of A New Hope, where the user (playing Luke) has to pilot a landspeeder around Tatooine, collect R2-D2 from the Sandcrawler, Obi-Wan Kenobi from a cave, and Han Solo from the Mos Eisley bar, while fighting stormtroopers, sand people, and many other different enemy characters from the movies. After assembling all the characters, the user navigates the Millennium Falcon (in a first-person perspective) through an asteroid field to the Death Star (shields for the Millennium Falcon to withstand the asteroid field must also be collected in the Tatooine levels). Once arriving at the Death Star, the user is required to destroy the tractor beam generator, rescue Princess Leia from the detention block, then proceed to destroy the Death Star with the rebel fighters.

Star Wars - Game Boy - Front

Proto - Front

Star Wars - Game Boy - PCB

Proto - PCB

Star Wars - Game Boy - Back

Proto - Back