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Super Battletank 2

Super BattleTank 2 - Super NintendoSuper Battletank 2 is a 1994 tank simulation video game that was released exclusively for the Super Famicom and Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This video game is the sequel to Super Battletank, and the player controls an M1A2 Battletank.

There are 16 missions, all located in the Middle East. Using radar, the player must scout out groups of enemy tanks and use the primary turret to take out infantrymen, Jeeps, SCUD missiles, and armored personnel carriers. The Phalanx machine gun is used to take down enemy air threats like helicopters. Smoke screens can make the player temporarily invisible to enemy radar; turning them into a major threat. Players can also summon threats from the sky in the form of supply drops and airstrikes.

Super Battletank 2 Prototype - Front

Proto - Front

Super Battletank 2 Prototype - PCB

Proto - PCB

Super Battletank 2 Prototype - Back

Proto - Back