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Syvalion - Super NintendoSyvalion (known under the title of Saibarionin in Japan) is an arcade shooter video game that was released by Taito in 1988 and designed by Fukio Mitsuji ( who also created the fabulous Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands and Volfied).

In Syvalion the player controls a golden metal dragon which flies around, (as they do), breathing fire at its enemies, all while collecting power-ups to recharge its fire. The enemies in the game are a mixture of robots and tanks and at the end of each level there is a boss fight. JVC released a Super Nintendo port of the game in Europe and Toshiba EMI released a version for the Super Famicom in July of 1992.

Syvalion Prototype - Front

Proto - Front

Syvalion Prototype - PCB

Proto - PCB

Syvalion Prototype - Back

Proto - Back