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Take The Money And Run

Take The Money And Run - Magnavox Odyssey 2

After a time travel, the players are trapped in the Land of Keynesium, in the year 231,000 A.D. The Keynesians are deeply interested in the 20th Century economic life, and they build more than a trillion different mazes populated by robots representing the economic factors of that time. Starting with $500,000, the players must turn it into a million dollars so that they can return for their time, or else be doomed to roam the Keynesian mazes forever!

In the game, you play against the Keynesian robots in seven types of mazes, called Income, Reward, Investment, Expenses, Thief, Taxes and Inflation. In the first three, the player must try to catch the robots in order to gain money. In the last four mazes, the players must run from the robots, as they lose money if caught.

All maze types have a money counter that appears at the bottom of the screen, showing different values of money each time a maze is started. The counter will start to decrease and the players will win (if they catch the robots in the three first kinds of mazes) or lose (if they are caught by the robots in the last four kinds of mazes) the amount of money shown.

The players' characters are two times taller than the robots, thus sometimes the players must duck to pass through certain portions of the mazes (by pressing the action button). While ducking the players move at 2/3 the normal speed. If they try to pass through a low ceiling portion without ducking, they'll move at half the speed. Touching the walls of a maze will make it harder to move, and touching the opponent player while touching the a will make him lose control.

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