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Turok 3

Turok 3 - Game Boy ColorAn action-platform video game published by Acclaim Entertainment, Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion was released for the Game Boy Color in 2000 alongside its Nintendo 64 counterpart of the same name. Even though the game is set in the same fictional universe, it does feature a different storyline.

The game was developed by Bit Managers, a Spanish video game company based in Barcelona and uses the same engine as Bit Manager's previous Turok game, which allowed for multidirectional scrolling. A was the case with Turok 2, the music of the game was composed by Alberto Jose González, who also produced the music of previous Game Boy Color Turok games. Unlike Turok 2 however, it is not backwardly compatible with the original Game Boy and as it says on the box is "only for Game Boy Color"!

Turok 3 - Front

Proto - Front

Turok 3 - Top

Proto - Top

Turok 3 - Back

Proto - Back