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Vegas Stakes Super Nintendo Prototype

Vegas StakesVegas Stakes, known as Las Vegas Dream in Japan, is a gambling video game developed by HAL Laboratory and released in April 1993 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and for the Game Boy in December 1995. The Super NES version supports the Super NES Mouse, while the Game Boy version is compatible with the Super Game Boy, and features borders which use artwork from the SNES version. It is the sequel to the NES game Vegas Dream.

In the SNES version, the player can choose to play either a single-player or multiplayer game. In the single-player game, a computerized friend accompanies the player around various casinos. In the multiplayer game, poker cannot be played since everyone could see everyone else's cards. At the beginning of the single-player game, a car is seen driving to Las Vegas. The various "friends" of the player are introduced as Cliff, Maria, Isabelle and Richard. All are eager to begin gambling.

The player is given $1,000. The player's goal is to win $10 million. If the player loses all the money, the game ends, and an image is shown of a man showing his empty pockets.

Vegas Stakes Prototype - Front

Proto - Front

Vegas Stakes Prototype - Back

Proto - Back