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Wing Commander

Wing Commander - Super NintendoOriginally entitled Squadron and later renamed Wingleader, Wing Commander was the first game in Chris Roberts' science fiction space flight simulation franchise. The game was first released for MS-DOS in September of 1990 and was later ported to the Super Nintendo as well as several other systems (Amiga, CD32 and Sega CD).

The game was a departure from the standard space style formula of old, instead aiming to create a space combat game similiar to the Star Wars films. As development for Wing Commander (MS-DOS version) came to a close, the EMM386 memory manager the game used gave an exception when the user exited the game. This error would cause it to print out a message "EMM386 Memory manager error...". Try as they might the team could not isolate / fix the error and they needed to ship it as soon as possible. As a work-around, one of the game's programmers, managed to hex-edited the memory manager so it displayed a different message. Instead of the error, it would dispay the message "Thank you for playing Wing Commander." It was never seen by the public however because a different bug in the game meant it went through another revision before it was shipped and the original bug was fixed.

Wing Commander Prototype - Front

Proto - Front

Wing Commander Prototype - PCB

Proto - PCB

Wing Commander Prototype - Back

Proto - Back