The Video Game Project

A Closer Look At The Prototypes That Became Your Favourite Games!


Zool - Sega GenesisZool: Ninja of the Nth Dimension is a platform game originally produced for the Amiga by Gremlin Graphics in 1992. It was later ported to several other platforms including the Nintendo Game Boy.

George Allen came up with the idea of Zool as he was criticized on his previous game Switchblade II for having a lack of enemies. In development, Zool could cast spells to get him out of trouble by collecting potions. For example, Zool could escape from pits with high jump spells and cast a shadow spell to make a clone of him that follows his actions (thus doubling the fire power). In the final version, the spells were replaced with collectible powerups. The very early name for the project was Pootz.

Zool - Sega Genesis - PCB

Proto - PCB